Paying The Price For Committing A Crime

Although there is never a good reason to commit a crime, it is a part of life that many people can't seem to stay away from. However, there are also those who are able to live a life that is free of crime and suddenly makes a mistake that lands them in a large amount of legal trouble. For example, sometimes financial situations can arise in life that cause stress and lead to someone stealing in effort to obtain what he or she needs. The stolen items are then sold to a pawn broker or other person in exchange for money, which can then be used to settle the financial obligation. If you were locked up and are now battling a court case due to putting yourself in such a situation, you need a criminal lawyer to make sure your sentence is fair based on your overall criminal background.

Discussing Your Crime With a Lawyer

Even if you are embarrassed about the crime that was committed, it is important to prepare yourself to discuss it with a lawyer. Don't worry about getting judged by him or her for what you did, as defending your case is all that he or she will focus on. Tell the lawyer what you were going through financially before you decided to steal the merchandise, such as how stressed you were at the time. You will have to answer a few questions that are possibly very personal, but it is wise to be honest no matter how much shame you are feeling. Your honesty during the legal process can actually help the lawyer defend you.

Showing That You Are Regretful

Your attitude in regards to the crime that was committed will play a role in how you are sentenced. For instance, if you keep a straight face during your trial and show no signs of regret, it can make it appear as though you deserve the maximum sentence. A lawyer might suggest that you speak to the person or business owner who the merchandise was stolen from and apologize. You can also issue the apology in the form of a letter. The lawyer can then make a copy of the letter and use it to show that you are regretful during your trial.

Admitting Your Guilt for a Plea Deal

Admitting your guilt to a lawyer is only the first step, but you must also be wiling to admit it to a judge if your lawyer feels as though it is in your best interest. He or she might want you to enter a plea deal by stating that you are guilty of the crime, as it can get you a lighter sentence such as probation or less jail time. Your lawyer will basically speak to the judge in regards to what he or she feels your sentence should be.