Three Tips For A Domestic Assault Case

A quarter of all women and one out of every nine men will experience some form of violence in their domestic relationships. This is a dangerous place to be since it puts your health, safety, and life itself at risk each and every day in your own home. If you've been assaulted by a relationship partner, or while in any other domestic relationship, you will need to get help from a domestic assault attorney. In this article, you will learn the steps you'll need to take.

#1: Make your safety the biggest priority when you realize you've been a victim

Before anything else, you have to protect yourself. If you've been assaulted by your domestic partner, never assume that it can't or won't happen again. Make a plan to get yourself to a safe place to live, and let someone close to you know your exit strategy. Pack an emergency bag so that you can get away and have all of your necessities. Most importantly, make sure that you are mentally prepared to notify the police and take all of the steps necessary to hold your partner accountable while protecting yourself.

#2: Find a domestic assault attorney that can represent your interests

Next, it is important that you find the help of a domestic assault lawyer. Search for a law firm that handles the type of situation that you are facing. Ask them about their experiences helping clients, and find out why they are your best option. You will be in constant communication with your attorney as you get yourself to safely and also begin to document everything and push a case forward.

Find out early how much they charge and how they handle their billing. It's normal to pay between $150 per hour and $285 per hour for a domestic assault attorney. Stay current so that you never have to go without their service.

#3: Work hard to rebuild and protect yourself

Follow your lawyer's advice each and every day, and stay cooperative so they can help you out with your legal case. This way, you can give your case the attention it deserves, which leads to a clean transition to protecting yourself and moving forward. Make psychiatric counseling a priority moving forward, and cut all ties with your partner outside of the court proceedings.

Use these three tips to help you out with a domestic assault case. For more information, contact a domestic assault attorney.